Technical visits
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1.Shanghai Tower Sightseeing

Shanghai Tower stands in the heart of the Lujiazui Financial Zone in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. The majestic high-rise boasts 127 floors above the ground and 5 floors below ground level. Of the 578,000-square meters total construction space, 410,000 square meters rise above the ground, with 168,000 square meters built underground. The project covers an area of 30,368 square meters. The building encompasses business, hotel, entertainment and sighting. At 632 meters, Shanghai Tower is now the tallest building in China, and the third tallest in the world.

       The observatory is on the 118th floor. The world’s fastest elevator can take you to this 546-meter-high observatory where you will have a 360 degree bird’s-eye view of Shanghai’s renowned buildings, natural beauties and ever-changing sky.


        SKY632, the art space at the highest altitude in the world, is located on the 125th and 126th floors of Shanghai Tower. The SKY632 Interactive Show of Lighting Technologies integrates the multi-dimensional artistic expression means of multimedia images, music, lighting, projection and laser into one. Under the macro framework of "audio-picture interaction" and "overall media arrangement", the show presents a combined experience in the senses of hearing, vision and touch through the interactive experience of three chapters. The dialogue with wind allows visitors to feel the rhythm of nature. The damper, on the 125th floor of the Shanghai Tower, is one of the most eye-catching Settings. It is the world's heaviest damper developed and manufactured by China, weighing 1,000 tons: When the wind comes, it will automatically operate in the opposite direction of the wind, maintaining the balance of the building.


2. Campus visit

Tongji University has a long history and outstanding reputation, and is one of the earliest national universities in China, ranking among the tops in comprehensive strength among domestic universities. The Siping Road Campus of Tongji University is very beautiful. Walking through it, one can feel the cultural heritage of ancient prestigious schools and the openness of modern campuses.


State key laboratory of disaster reduction in civil engineering, which was officially approved and established by the Ministry of Science and Technology in April 2023, is an important part of Tongji University. Its overall goal is to meet the major strategic needs of the country, such as "disaster prevention and reduction" and "resilient cities", as well as the international scientific and technological forefront of civil engineering disaster prevention and reduction. There are wind tunnel testing division and earthquake simulation shaking table in Siping Road Campus, all of which have been used for the testing in national major projects.