Last Updated:2019/9/19 16:28:20

The International Conference on Snow Engineering (ICSE) is a forum to present the latest researches and technological developments on scientific, engineering and operational issues related to snow and ice.

Since 1988, eight conferences international on the engineering of snow were organized, in Santa Barbara, USA (1988, 1992) ; Sendai, Japan (1996) ; Trondheim, Norway (2000) ; Davos, Switzerland (2004) ; Whistler, Canada (2008), Fukui, Japan (2012) and Nantes, France (2016).

The conference offers a place to exchange ideas and discuss the recent work in snow science and engineering related matters. The attendees have the opportunity to network with academics and practitioners in the field, expand horizons and establish professional relationships to advance  their research and career.

The main topics inlude the following aspects:

  • Structural Engineering: snow and ice loads, codification
  • Transportation: infrastructures and vehicles, roads, train, aircraft, harbors and ships
  • Buildings: urban planning in cold climate, ventilation, snow clearing, roof snow sliding, ice and snow landscape building and facility
  • Snow Sciences: snow accumulation, transportation, physics, measurements and simulations
  • Snow Technology: snow guns, snow clearing, recreational
  • Avalanche Engineering: forecasting, avalanche dams, snow dynamics, planning, management, instrumentation, rescue